Most nail files are emory boards, 
a piece of sandpaper with glue and cardboard, emory boards 
normally only lasts a few times, they are also thin and brittle.

What is a Crystal Nail File? 
its an acid-etched glass file on both sides with a smooth handle on the end. 
This gives the files some unique and amazing qualities.

The four sizes are;
Travel File - 3-1/2 inches long with a pointed tip, perfect size for your purse or travel bag.

Manicure File - 5-1/2 inches long, pointed, average sized file made general purpose use.

Pedicure File - 7-1/2 inches with a slightly rougher surface made for calluses, dry skin and nails.

Spa Bar File - the largest file, rougher then the rest for the same effect pluss some added benefits.

What you get,
A white plastic sheath, which may easily upgrade to black suede for fifty cents or many more Accessories.
A unique individually Hand Painted File with enamel glass paint baked onto every file, 
or a vibrant selection of simple Rainbow Colored Files.
The ability to request any Custom Painted File with a design of your choice.
An all around file made and designed to heal and clean your nails, with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Want to see for yourself,
We travel to many craftshows along the east coast of the U.S. Here is a list of our Show Schedule.
Do you want more information, we have all the information you may need in the Useful Info.
Last updated: October 21, 2014
We guarantee our files to never wear down!
Not guaranteed against cracking or breakage 
please use caution.
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$7 for Colored
$8 for Hand Painted
$9 for Colored
$10 for Hand Painted
$11 for Colored
$12 for Hand Painted
$23 for Colored
(Magenta, Teal, Light Blue, Purple)
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