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Most nail files are emory boards.

A piece of sandpaper with glue and cardboard, these only last a few times before they wear out, they can damage nails and normally cause more issues then they fix, they are also very thin and brittle.

What is a Crystal Nail File? 

A Crystal Nail File is an acid-etched glass file. They have a smooth handle and two sides usually with the same grit. This gives the files some unique and amazing qualities:


~ The crystallization of the glass makes it stronger.

 ~ The acid-etched surface prevents wearing down.

  ~ Being nonporous this makes the files completely sanitary.

~ The files encourage and improve nail health.

~ The simplicity makes it easy to maintain and clean.

    ~ They come in four different sizes for every occasion.


Travel Size

$8.00 USD for Colored, $9.00 USD for Hand Painted

The smallest file, three and a half inches long, with a pointed tip, perfect size for your purse or travel bag. 

Manicure Size

$10.00 USD for Colored, $11.00 USD for Hand Painted

The medium file, five and a half inches long, pointed, made general purpose use.


Pedicure Size

$12.00 USD for Colored, $13.00 USD for Hand Painted

A larger file, measuring seven and a half inches, this has a rounded tip and a slightly rougher surface made for smoothing calluses, dry skin, dry heels and toenails.

Spa Bar Size

$21.00 USD for Colored

The largest file, this works even better on tougher calluses, dry skin, and harder nails. This file comes with two different sides, one for finer needs and another for more harsh requirements.

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What do you get with your purchase?
- 3$ discount with every complete SET purchase and 3-5 day shipping on all orders!

- Unique and individually Hand Painted file with enamel glass paint baked onto every file, or a selection of Assorted Colors.

- White plastic sheath with the file to cover and protect the grit, which may be upgrade to black velvet at no additional cost.

- The potential to design and request your custom design/logo or style hand painted onto a file of your choice.

- An all around file designed to heal and clean your nails, with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee to never wear down.

Want to see for yourself?

We travel to many craft shows along the eastern coast of the United States, here is a list of our Show Schedule. We also have More Information if you would like to know more. We also have custom painted files we have designed in Archived Files. If you need even more information we recommend you contact us here;

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