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                                   What is a Crystal Nail File? 

                                                  A Crystal Nail File is an acid-etched glass file. They have a smooth handle and two sides usually                                                             with the same grit. This gives the files some unique and amazing qualities:

~                 The                                                 The crystal file has glass makes it stronger.

                                                                     ~ The acid-etched surface prevents wearing down.

                                                                               ~ Being nonporous this makes the files completely sanitary.

                                                                 ~ The files encourage and improve nail health.

                                                                                       ~ The simplicity makes it easy to maintain and clean.

                                                                                    ~ They come in four different sizes for every need!

- Smooth the rough, dry skin!


Travel Size

$8.00 USD for Colored, $9.00 USD for Hand Painted

The smallest file, 3-1/2" long, with a pointed tip, perfect size for your purse or travel bag. Includes the sleeve and a free tube for storage!

Manicure Size

$10.00 USD for Colored, $11.00 USD for Hand Painted

The medium file, 5-1/2" long, pointed, made general purpose use. Includes white plastic sleeve and a free travel/storage tube!  Smooth, shape nails-you'll love it!

Pedicure Size

$12.00 USD for Colored, $13.00 USD for Hand Painted

A larger file, measuring 7-1/2", this has a rounded tip and a slightly rougher surface made for smoothing calluses, dry skin, dry heels and toenails!  Includes a white plastic storage sleeve.

Spa Bar Size

$21.00 USD for Colored

1/4" THICK  X  1-1/2" WIDE  X  6-1/2" LONG ,,,2 different sides of roughness! One for those problem areas of your feet and another is a little more gentler.  You will love it!  Good for pets nails too!

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What do you get with your purchase?
- 3$ discount with every complete SET purchase and 2-3 day shipping. 

Unique and individually Hand Painted file with enamel glass paint baked onto every file, or a selection of Assorted Colors.

- White plastic sheath with the file to cover and protect the grit, which may be upgrade to black velvet at no additional cost.


- An all around file designed to heal and clean your nails, with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee to never wear down.