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We guarantee our files to never wear down!

Not guaranteed against cracking or breakage please use caution.


Genuine Crystal Nail Files are the very top-class technology in nail care.

They have a non-porous, double sided filing surface that is acid-etched.

Using such a product will make nails smoother, more beautiful, and healthier!

Excellent for removing hardened skin around nails and using the point for cuticles.

Can be used for artificial nails new and old, children's nails of any age, soft and hard nails.

The file does not cause small fractures on nails, it seals nails reducing splitting and peeling.


A small travel sized nail file is thin with a pointed tip and 3-1/2 inches in length, great for on 

the go touch ups and small enough to store in a purse.


A medium sized manicure again with a pointed tip being 5-1/2 inches long, perfect for all use 

at home take precaution around harder floors.


A large pedicure file is 7-1/2 inches long being the largest file it is also 4mm thick, this file has

a rounded end that allows smoothing of rough heels & elbows, 

the pedicure file normally smooth's them with the first use. Use 

for harder finger nails and keep toe nails shorter and smoother.

This foot file can replace creams and/or lotions with normal use 

of two or three times a week before and sometimes after you bathe. 


The files being tempered and hardened are 102% stronger than standard glass.


General cleaning can be done as simply as running water over the file from the faucet.

Any extra cleaning can just be done by washing under a faucet with some 

soap with water. Over many uses files may build up and debris if this 

occurs take a toothbrush, soap and water to brush the debris off.


Both sides may be used going both directions, making for faster manicure.

Suitable for use on short and long nails, fragile and damaged nails, as well 

as use by diabetics and most people living with other health conditions.


It is fun to file! A genuine Crystal Nail File is guaranteed to last a lifetime!


One of the newer files the Spa Bar or Luxurious Crystal Glass Pedicure Hard Skin Scraper comes in various colors, 

is a two sided scraper file, with one side a bit more rough than the other,

6.2 inches in length, 3/8 inch thick and 1-1/4 inch wide, though slight differences in sizes might occur.

Use on dry, not oiled skin only, until hard skin disappears and gets smooth again. Should the

scraper get filled with the removed skin, use the same cleaning method, use lotion if desired.

Do not sterilize with UV light, the scraper could go blunt. Air dry instead of brush dry with towel.

Caution! There are many gimmicks that look and are referred to crystal nail files, but have sprayed on grit

that can wear off with use.

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